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Grand Week in Wales Grand Welsh Feed banner image

Grand Welsh Feed

Grand Welsh Feed Challenge Progress

1079/1000 meals cooked and delivered to those in need!


Why a Grand Welsh Feed?

Throughout the pandemic Nanny Biscuit have seen the stark realities of food poverty which has affected families, the elderly and the homeless. Use of foodbanks has skyrocketed and the loss of jobs and livelihoods has forced huge numbers of people into food poverty.

Nanny biscuit has helped throughout the year in a number of ways to help support people in tackling these issues. We teamed up with MoneySuperMarket to deliver over 100 meals every weekday to the homeless of North Wales since June 2020.

We provided subsided school packs to families and emergency food parcels to people who were experiencing severe food poverty.

Over Christmas we worked with NEWydd Catering & Cleaning and MoneySuperMarket to provide 1,400 Christmas meals in a day.

What is the Grand Welsh Feed challenge?

As part of our Grand Week in Wales Nanny Biscuit and MoneySuperMarket will provide 1000 meals to the homeless as well as the most vulnerable in our society.

We believe that nobody should go hungry and this is just a small effort to alleviate some of the difficulties hundreds of individuals and families go through on a daily basis.

How can you get involved?

None of this would be possible without your donations and support and the money raised as part of the Grand Week in Wales will help to keep these projects going into the future.

All money raised for Nanny Biscuit will be used to combat food poverty and loneliness within communities across Wales; issues that have been exacerbated over the last year.

Make a Donation

By donating vital funds to Nanny Biscuit we can continue reaching those who need us most.

Ready to start fundraising?

Create your free fundraising page for A Grand Week in Wales and start collecting sponsorship and donations from friends and family.

Challenges Totals

Grand Welsh Relay

4097.6/1000 miles


Grand Welsh Cakes

1136/1000 Welsh cakes enjoyed


Grand Welsh Dig

145/1000 trees/bulbs planted


Grand Welsh Feed

1079/1000 meals to those in need


Grand Welsh Workers

1040/1000 meals for key workers


Grand Welsh Pick

923.5/1000 bags of litter / plastic picked


Grand Welsh Poem

1062/1000 lines of poetry written


Grand Welsh Singalong

61/1000 musical performances recorded


Official Partners

We’re very grateful to the amazing brands and organisations that are helping deliver this national event

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